Friday, May 8, 2009

Clutzy Confession

When I was a little girl I took dance lessons. Tap, Jazz, Ballet & Hula (and at one time there was some belly dancing but that's another story). I loved dancing and would dance around the house rather than walk. I stopped taking dance lessons when I was eleven. I still leap around the house some of the time not caring how odd it must seem.

One night I was in the kitchen making spaghetti sauce. I had the news on in the living room. While the sauce was simmering I sashayed in to the living room to check in on the news then turned to kitchen door and executed a lovely stag leap to land precisely in front of the stove and came down all wrong screaming in pain.

When most people asked me why my leg was all wrapped up I told them, "I sprained my ankle making spaghetti"

To Dave however I said, "You know how I leap around the house like an idiot?"

He replied, "Yes."

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Rye said...

This story is hilarious…I love it.