Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Why Won't She Call Me Mama? WHY?

Fiona can say Daddy

She calls my Mom Woof Woof (There's a story there, I'll tell ya later)

Apparently yesterday she called my Dad Gapaw

Me, nothin'. She has never called me anything....well okay that isn't true, the other night she called me Daddy and she calls everyone Baby now and then but no Mommy, Mama, Ma, hey you lady, nothin' :(

Conversation with my Dad lamenting my lack of title:

Me: I just wish she'd call me something, anything as long as I knew it meant me.

Dad: Aw but you're the centre of her universe.

Me: No she's a Daddy's girl. I'm just her first apartment.


Roses said...

Is it possible she doesn't know what your name is? What does everyone else call you in front of her?

Until we had children, I didn't realize the husband and I never called each other by name. Didn't need to; if one of us was talking, we knew who they were talking to.

Does anyone call you anything at home?
Just curious...

Dani said...

Yep, Dave calls me Mama & Fiona knows what it means she just doesn't say it yet. I know she will eventually I'm just not patient.

Schelle said...

Love ya lady, bye bye! -Mindy

I wish i could offer better advice, but really, they are all daddys girls...

Roses said...

Here, this will help:

Mom, watch this. No, wait, that wasn't it.

(Are you sure you really want this?)

Frankly, I *loved* how the boys called me Daddy in the middle of the night.
"Not me, honey. He's calling you."
Heh, heh.

Dani said...

Roses: Good point. I'll have to re think my stance.

Schelle: I LOVE that you pulled out an Animaniacs quote! I've got a few on my list just waiting for the right time to unveil.