Thursday, May 7, 2009

It Was NOT a Piece of Hair or Fuzz

As we were driving to work chatting I saw a little tinny blur out of the corner of my eye. I though it was a piece of hair or fuzz caught in the hinge of my glasses so I took them off to remove it. Guess what it was? Go ahead guess. Take you're time I'll wait.

Insert Jeopardy theme here. do do do do, do do dooooo

Give up? Want me to tell you? Scroll down.

It was a spider! A freaking spider! Hanging off my glasses, next to my face! I hate spiders! Do you think I'm on a spider hit list for all the anti spider propaganda I've published?


Roses said...

And... OMG! There's something on the wing!

(Obscure reference. It's okay if no one gets it but me.)

Dani said...

Nightmare at 20,000 feet! I love that that's what you thougth of and I would totaly give you a big ole hug except for the being in different states thing.

The internet good for meeting people akward for hugs.

Roses said...

No hugs until you get that spider off your face!

(Ha! My word verification is "spinable"... as in web, maybe?)

Colleen said...

Ick. I just got an "ooky" feeling all over and had to check my glasses for any creepy crawlies...