Thursday, May 13, 2010

Are you casting asparagus on my cooking?-Curly Howard

Perhaps I should clarify. I don't cook because I DON"T LIKE TO COOK.

A lot of my conversations recently have gone like this.

Me: I don't cook

Concerned friend: I should loan you this great cookbook I have.


Me: I don't cook.

Concerned friend: You should try this recipe for ________that I have.

People people people, there is a difference between can't and don't. I can cook. I make spaghetti sauce from scratch, I make apple pie from scratch (okay not the crust but I used to do that too), and I'm great at breakfast foods (weird because I almost never eat them). I just don't like to cook. It's work and I am LAZY. Then I have to clean up, that's even more work and did I mention I'm lazy?

Thank you for your concern but we're not going to starve to death if I don't cook. Dave is an amazing cook and likes doing it. I appreciate the offer of your great cook book or recipe but why don't you cook something and I'd be happy to be your taster.


Roses said...

Can I sit by you?

I cannot get this idea through my mother-in-law's and sister-in-law's heads. Since The Husband does all the cooking, they insist on giving me cookbooks for every holiday.
No, no. He cooks; I do the dishes. It works for us.

These are the same people who, when you tell them you are allergic to something, will push "this different kind" of it on you.

::rolls eyes::

Dani said...

Oooooh I've got a great idea. Lets have a cook off. The husbands will make their best meals and you and I will be the judges. See the beauty of this plan is you know who wins? Us!

Roses said...

So long as there's no bat wrap on the contest menu...


Dani said...

Motion seconded and carried!

Amy Baldwin said...

I WISH my husband OR I liked to cook but neither of us do so I end up doing it... I used to HATE it SOOO much but I am getting to where sometimes I like it. There still is the occasional spatula throw in my kitchen when I just spent 30 minutes and made a huge mess for something that tastes like crap!! lol

TK said...

The only cookbook I would like to have is the aluminium foil cookbook. So I could just wrap food in foil, put in the oven, and then it comes out yummy. No clean up, cleaning up is a pain. I have yet to find said cookbook.