Monday, September 13, 2010

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.-Confucius

I was NOT having a good day yesterday. There's a lot of not so good stuff going on in our lives right now and I couldn't sleep Saturday night. So I was tired and overwhelmed and honestly depressed is the only word I can think of to describe my feelings.

At bed time Fiona and I were in her rocking chair and I was reading her book when she pointed at one of the pictures and said, "Look Mama pretty! Like you!"

Life's not so bad.


Roses said...

Funny how children can cut through the crap and make your day.

Thank you for sharing this.
Fiona's comment shining through the cloud of stress is what you will always remember most about this day.

Amy Baldwin said...

That is so sweet!! I have my times too where I am like OMG what happened to me? I never exercise, I'm tired all the time life is so rushed, but then I see Luke smile and it makes it all worth it!!
We have to be careful with these kids though, they can be truthful to a fault. I think Trish told me after she worked out one day Kate said "you stink momma" LOL

Dani said...

Every once in a while your kids surprize you by being awesome and that's why you love em.