Friday, September 10, 2010

I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.-W. C. Fields

A few thoughts about food I shouldn't eat.

I'd rather have a pop tart than a toaster strudel.

I feel any milkshake made with vanilla ice cream (unless of coarse you ordered vanilla, which I've never done in my life) is a complete waste of time. This is apparently a controversial stance.

I don't like smores. I enjoy all the components separately but together they just taste like a big ol' mess.


Roses said...

You're saying a milkshake should be made with ice cream the flavor of your shake?
I can see that with chocolate or strawberry, but what about other flavored shakes?

We once tried making grape shakes with grape soda and blueberry ice cream.
It was ick.

Dani said...

Ahh well if you want a grape shake feel free to make it with vanilla icecream. I don't like grape flavoring (actual grapes are another matter) so I wouldn't drink it either way. But I'm the pickiest person alive, no one should listen to me.

Roses said...

I think our mistake was the blueberry ice cream.

We should have just eaten blueberry Pop tarts with the ice cream and left the grape soda out of it.