Friday, June 5, 2009

Me Recent Days

5:15: Do I need to get up? No not for over an hour. Try to go back to sleep.

5:45: Do I need to get up? No not yet.

6:04: Do I need to get up? Half an hour still. Doze off.

6:27: Might as well just get up. Get in shower.

6:45: Get out of shower. Make coffee. Get snack/breakfast for Fiona.

7:30: Leave for work.

8:30 (ish): Get to work.

8:30-1:00: Work like the world will end if I slow down. Wonder why I didn't eat breakfast.

1:oo: Lunch! Glorious lunch. All foods that will fit in my mouth will be accepted, pickiness is cast aside.

1:45: Return to desk check personal email and such.

2:00: Back to working like a crazy person.

3:00: Don't go for walk with my friend because I'm to busy.

5:30: Leave for home exhausted. Enjoy the ride home though listening to music or maybe reading a book (I'm not driving).

6:30-7:00: Arrive home. Either make dinner for Fiona, give her bath and put her to bed or feed pets, do dishes, pick up living room (Dave and I take turns).

8:30: Finally a few minutes for me. Internet? Book? Oh the possibilities.

9:00-9:30: Turn off light watch TV for a few mins.

10:00 (ish): Fall asleep

So in all my copious free time I've decided to go back to school. See name of blog if you need an explanation.


TK said...

Good luck going back to school. You are smart, creative, and obviously good at time management! You will run circles around the young crowd.

A said...

Oh gosh, I do that same in the morning with my alarm. The anticipation is dreadful.....

Then I have to wake up, be really quiet and make sure not to wake the kids. Can't wait until they are teenagers and sleep until noon.

Dani said...

Yes children who sleep in would be very nice. She got up before 6 this morning. Bah!