Friday, June 5, 2009

A Kind Act

Twelve or so years ago someone stole my wallet from the back room of the store I worked in. This would be unpleasant under any circumstances but I discovered this as I was going to lunch so not only had I been robed but I also didn't have any money to buy lunch*.

It was a bad night. By the time I was able to go home I was in an awful mood.

As I walked to my car I could see something on the driver side window. It was a frog. I assumed it was one of the tree frogs that live all over town but when I got to my car I found out it wasn't real. It was ceramic.

At the time I collected frogs (I've got a tattoo of one on my leg) so short of getting my wallet back this was the nicest thing I could have received. To this day I don't know if one of my friends did it to cheer me up and never took credit or if it was just a weird coincidence.

So to whoever it was, thank you. I still have it.

*Several years latter a friend/co-worker had her purse stolen. At lunch time that day she didn't have anything to eat. I said, "Come on. I'm buying you lunch." She tried to say I didn't have to do that. I told her I wanted to.

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Roses said...

re: the mystery frog

1) Any chance you've read "Lightning" by Dean R. Koontz?

2) Maybe you'd kissed your wallet and it had turned into a frog instead of a prince?