Monday, August 25, 2008

The Grey Hairs Will Show Up Any Time Now

Fiona has started sleeping much better. She mostly only wakes up once a night and she's been sleeping in later in the mornings. Unfortunately she's also started rolling on to her stomach to sleep. This makes me very nervous. She's past the most dangerous age as far a SIDS goes but the do not put the baby to sleep on their tummy thing is drilled in to you as a parent. It's in all the books, it's on all the websites, heck it's actually stitched on to the sleep ware "back is best". I read that once the baby can roll over on their own you shouldn't worry but lets face it logic had no power over the fear that grips you in the middle of the night.

Sunday morning she was still asleep at 7:30 which is about an hour latter than she has been sleeping but I was already awake. I snuck in to her room quietly just to grab the baby bottles we'd used during the night so I could put them in the dishwasher. Of coarse I glanced at her to make sure she's alright and my heart stooped. She was laying face down and I mean face down not just on her tummy. He face was pressed in to the mattress. I ran to her crib which woke her up and she sat up blinking in confusion. I flipped her over on to her back and she blinked at me frowning sleepily. My heart was still pounding painfully in my chest. I was still not certain she was alright until she woke up enough to recognise me and gave me her amazing morning smile. In hind site I think her arm that I couldn't see must have been under head and she may even have had her head turned a bit but for a second I thought.....well I was scared.

I suspect this is just the beginning. Perhaps I should invest in a costco pack of Nice N' Easy.

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Michelle said...

while you are at it, Invest in the X companies...kotex, tampex, kleanex...

Mostly tho, one thing that relaxes me (and this is after the panic attack) is to just remember that up till recently putting a baby to sleep on their tummy was normal. (I remember my Mom would put babies to sleep on their tummies which probably included me)(i like to use parenthasis)

If you think of all the generations that got by without all the safety rules we have now, It helps calm you down. Helmets, seatbelts, car seats, sleeping with bottles...