Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Don't Ask Why I Was Doing This

Conversation while trimming Dave's nails.

Me: Damn you've got thick nails. If Fiona inherits both our nails she's going to have adamantium claws.

Alright it's not really a conversation since Dave didn't respond but it's still true. By the way no I never saw any of the movies. And while we're on the subject I'm irritated that now people are actually going to get why I named our dog Gambit and they're going to say, "Oh you named him after that character in that movie" and I'm gonna be all, "He's freaking nine."
I'm far to cool to be talking to these people!


Roses said...

You are SO cool that I didn't understand half of your post.

Now, how cool is that?

Dani said...

Lol yeah I guess I could have made that clearer.

Our dog Gambit is named after one of the X-Men. No one ever gets it. But he is in the new Wolverine movie coming out. Don't ya hate that when you find something you thing is cool and then it goes main stream?

Ummm and the Adamantium reference is a Wolverine thing too. I'm a comic book nerd.

Schelle said...

I get it!!! which is why you let me post randomly weeks later on your blog!

soooo seriously need to party!

on a side note, this site is asking me to put in "flatio" to prove i'm not a spammer. 0.o

Dani said...

I knew YOU would.

LOL that's a distirbing verify word.

Schelle said...

what's funny is that i went to doublecheck the dictionary when I read it. "this is not asking me to type what I think they are really?!"