Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy Birthday David!

Last week ended badly. Due to everyone in the house having the stomach flu, probably still being contagious, and a general feeling of not being in the mood due to some very sad news we called off the plans to go out tonight to celebrate Dave (and his twin brothers) birthday.

However the day should not pass unacknowledged. So my lovely assistant and I performed a culinary experiment.
Fiona was in charge of sprinkles. Admire her even distribution.
They did NOT come out the way I intended. However.....

Cool hu?

Happy birthday Dave. Love ya!

Becky asked how I did this and I started to respond but then it got too long for a comment so I'm moving the explanation here.

They were supposed to be stripped. I saw some very vague instructions on line a couple weeks ago but either they weren't very complete or I didn't understand because that's not what I got. However as they did come out pretty cool here's what I did.

I used Vanilla cake mix but I'm sure any white or yellow cake mix will work. I separated it in to ramekins and added food coloring. The one pictured was just regular red, yellow, green, blue but I also made some using neon food coloring, we haven't bitten in to any of these yet so I can't report on how they look (if it's extra cool I'll upload a pic). Then I just layered the different colors in to the cupcake papers. What happened is it sort of erupted and came out tie dye, oddly the blue was actually on top but wound up in the middle after cooking.

Do me a favor if any of you try this out email me a picture or link(email info on the contact me page) 'cause I'd love to see how they came out. I'm wondering if I could get a cool swirly effect like marble cake.


Becky said...

How did you do the tie-dye effect?

TK said...

very cool cupcakes!! and your assistant is quite the ticket!! Happy Birthday Dave

TK said...

Oh, and the birthday boy must have been really impressed with your creation!!!

Amy Baldwin said...

Wow, impressive little cooks in the family!! Thats pretty neat!! I am sure Dave enjoyed them, now I want a CUPCAKE!!

Andrea K. said...

MMMMMMM, I want a cupcake. They look so cute. I will have to give it a try sometime. Maybe this week. You know how much I like cake!

Dani said...

Take pictures if you do. I want to experiment more now but I can only eat so many cupcakes.

Ninil said...

Lovely Kids!

zuzu said...

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