Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Was in Such a Good Mood....Now Not So Much

What's this? A double post? Oh joy, did something interesting or exciting happen in the Daniverse?

Well yes and no. Technically getting your car broken in to is both interesting and exciting but not in a good way.

Things they took:

Dave's golf clubs
The travel DVD player (the car ride with Fiona tomorrow morning is going to suck)
Everything in the glove compartment (what they are going to do with expired insurance cards and the users manual to a '03 Saturn Ion I don't know)
Fiona's diaper bag (not valuable but there were some clothes I liked and she needed, she's at the age where she destroys almost everything she wears)
My cute little white jacket from Old Navy (okay in the scheme of things not important but hey I liked it)
Probably a bunch of other stuff we haven't realised was missing yet.

You'd think with some of the thing I post that we live in the ghetto. Actually we live in a nice middle class neighborhood. It's just that the criminals don't stay in their own neighborhoods. Sigh.

I just can't wait till we can move out of CA. I love CA, I really really do but we can have a much nicer life else ware.


Roses said...

We *must* be living near each other. Around here, they are at least courteous enough to only steal from folks who leave their vehicles unlocked. No broken windows... yet.

I'm really sorry about your jacket.


TK said...

Oh no, so sorry. So sad. Those people are creeps.

Dani said...

Thanks to you both. Crime is so depressing.

Schelle said...

It is! My oldest got her bike stolen from the train station 2 weeks ago. It really just makes you doubt humanity.

I guess I just hope that they need it more then we do. And watch your credit report just in case something with your social was on those glove box papers...

Dani said...

You know that's funny (not the ha ha kind) because the car was parked at the train station when it got broken in to. Perhaps there is a roving band of petty criminals riding the train around the country.Hmmmmm.

I'm sorry about your daughters bike tgough. People who steal from kids are just evil.