Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I was reading some friends answers to surveys on Myspace and thinking about how I would answer when I came to a question that kinda stumped me.

Do you know anyone who is married but shouldn't be?

First I had to determine if they meant people who were just not the marrying type or people who married badly. Since the first option seemed very old fashioned I went with the second.

At this point in my life very few of my friends aren't married. And although yes a few people I know made choices I wouldn't have expected I think it would be pretty foolish for me to presume I know better who they should marry than they do. I know they know their own minds better than I do and I should hope they know their spouse better.

I'm sure people on the outside have looked at Dave & I and said "really?" As a matter of fact my friend who introduced us tried to tell me he was wrong for me and two of his friends we're all "but she doesn't even like country music". But here we are nearly 11 years latter.

This got me thinking again about my friends marriages. I only have one friend who's been divorced and I've got several who've been married for 10 or 15 years (Nugget, Michelle, Deb, Camilla. Hi gals) which is not to say that any of them were the one's that made me go Hmmmm.

Such an odd question really.

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