Friday, July 8, 2011

Excuse the mess but we live here.-Roseanne Barr

We were getting in to the car to go to the store.

Fiona: Your car is messy

Me: (looking at the crumbs, sand, and twigs around her car seat) Yeah it is.

Fiona: What happened Mama?

Me: Well ya see I had a baby and she made a big ol mess out of my car.

Fiona: Silly baby. The baby can clean up you car.

Me: That'd be great. I'm not holding my breath though.

Fiona: You had a baby in my car seat? Silly Mama.

Me: I'll tell you a secret. You're the baby. You made the mess.

Fiona: Ooooooh I THE BABY! (looks at mess) Sorry Mama.

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Amy Baldwin said...

I LOVE THIS!! I can see and hear her in my head saying all of this and then comprehending SHE is the BABY!! this is hilarious!