Thursday, July 7, 2011

Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing.-Redd Foxx

Sooooooo ummmmmmmm....



Okay I haven't been feeling very well. I didn't mention it because to mention it would be to acknowledge the possibility that I've got heart problems or possibly had a small stroke or ya know a brain tumor. So clearly denial was the best way to handle this right?

But now that I'm insured I bit the bullet and went to the Doctor. Turns out I've got migraines. Much less scary than heart issues, stroke, or brain tumor but still, did you know migraine symptoms can seem that scary?

Dizzy Spells
Tingling in your hands and arms
Flashing lights
Blind spots in your vision
Sensitivity to light
Weakness in the limbs
Unexplained irritation or depression (At the time I thought that was PMS)

Honestly the headaches we're the least of my problems. In hind sight this has been going on for years in fact some of those symptoms are why they put me on anxiety medication. Guess I'm not crazy after all...okay fine that's taking it to far...didn't want to change the name of my blog any way.


Amy Baldwin said...

OUCH, I have never had a migrain I guess.. SOunds MISERABLE and scarey, no wonder you are worried. Glad your ok but what a sucky thing to deal with. Do you get like giant pills of pain meds to take at least?

Dani said...

Not yet. The Dr. said as long as regular Advil or Tylenol are working they don't want to give me something stronger and I'm okay with that. Honestly the pain part isn't bad is the other symptoms that scared me.

Roses said...

I am glad *that* scary thought is off your mind!