Monday, May 16, 2011

He who opens a school door, closes a prison.-Victor Hugo

Check me out being all grown up.

Went on a date with Dave Saturday. Got a bit tipsy and told him I wanted to cuddle the group of kids who were clearly on their way to the prom. They were just so cute trying to be dignified and classy in their evening wear when really they looked like kids playing dress up. I mean that in a nice way but not that many years ago I would have made catty girl comments.

Also I know I said it before but I actually am going back to school. I'm supposed to sign up for classes tonight. Let's hope I can get in to any of the ones I want. Also lets the only one I can get isn't the one with the book that even used costs close to $200.


nnmlknw said...

Somewhere on this great internet there is a college book store where you can buy half priced books. But alas, I have poor memory and can't remember it.

Good luck!

Dani said...

I will definately be doing some shoping around for books. I have already discovered that the school book store has the highest prices so I won't be going there unles I have to.

Greg said...

it is ridiculous the cost of education today. it borders on criminal. No book should cost 200 dollars used.