Friday, September 24, 2010

Photograph: a picture painted by the sun without instruction in art.-Ambrose Bierce

Pumpkin Patch 2010

I didn't like this pumpkin patch as much as the one we went to the last two years. Dave wanted to check this one out because they had a record setting corn maze but since the maze was supposed to take 1 1/2-2 hours we didn't do it. Maybe we'll go to the other pumpkin patch later this year.

They had these cute little houses which we eventually noticed had exposed rusty nails. NICE!

Dave rented this little pedal car and tells me it was quite a work out. I preserved my dignity by offering to take the pics rather than getting all sweaty.

Because it was about half way between our houses P&A came down with Cousin (seriously that's what we call her in our house). When the waggon was rolling we told Fiona to hold on to Cousin so she wouldn't fall over and Fiona promptly grabbed her around the neck. But they looked cute!

Am I wrong or do the pink flamingos completely destroy the ambiance?

No I'm right

But with careful cropping I got some better pics.


And here is a rather nice one Dave took of the sun. Don't look directly at it.


Andrea K. said...

Cousin had such a fun time with Cousin. Like I said, Adrienne will be chasing Fiona pretty soon. Fiona will tell you that she doesn't want to play with Cousin anymore.

Dani said...

And I'll tell her "To bad, Mama wants to drink wine with Auntie Andrea. So go play with cousin"

TK said...

I was just looking at Fiona's pumpkin picture from last year. Thanks for the great pictures and the stories that go with them. I am looking forward to seeing the cousins in person.

Amy Baldwin said...

These are GREAT!! Fiona and Adrienne, uh Cousin are so cute together!! Thats so cool you guys make an effort to get the kiddies together!! I love it, wish Luke, Lem and I could go too, he would LOVE HIS COUSINS!! He loves the ones here!!

Amy Baldwin said...

oh what is wine?

Dani said...

Fiona get's excited about pictures of Luke too. She always says "Cousin Luke! Cousin Luke is cute!"

I'll send ya a bottle when you're done bein' a non drinker.

Amy Baldwin said...

Fiona was so adorable when she saw Luke. I remember in Disney, she is not the kind of child to go to someone she doesn't know well or see often and when I said "do you want to see the baby" 2 seconds later I was holding her and carting her off to see Luke!! She loves other kids, that so sweet!