Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Originality is the art of concealing your sources.-Unknown

Anyone who says "you can't run away from your problems" obviously has not been chased by the Mummy.

I'm sad that I no longer have pet rabbits because I will never get to make Night of the Lepus 2. Maybe I can put bunny ears on the cat.

Am I the only person who thinks The Cat In The Hat was practicing home invasion?

Movies have taught me that if I lived in NYC I wouldn't be surprised to see a costumed hero or a monster crawl out of the sewer. In Tokyo I'd expect giant lizards.

I think I owe my cat an apology for having had a child.

People on cop shows drink a whole heck of a lot more coffee than can possibly be healthy.

Do you think if there was an eppisode of How it's Made for blister packs there would be lots of evil villain laughter and hand rubbing?

I spend hours deciding on the soundtrack for when they make a movie of my life?


Roses said...

I think I owe my cat an apology for having had a child.

Yeah. Me, too.
My cat thought he was a human until we started bringing more humans home.

LeeAnn said...

I'm still working on the casting for the movie of my life. Well, of course Angelina for me, but who can play Monkey?