Thursday, April 7, 2011

You ARE the Father-Maury Povich

While researching recipes I've found a lot of references to hiding vegetables in things to "trick" your kids in to eating their veggies. I'm pro vegetable but I don't think this is a very good practice. I mean great you're getting them to eat right now but you're not teaching them good eating habits. Am I alone here?

'Coarse I don't have this issue. Fiona likes most vegetables. Pretty much that's all she eats fruits and veggies but she doesn't really like meat. Dave is beginning to wonder if she's his. We're going to go on Maury Povich to find out if I'm a lying ho.


Amy Baldwin said...

Hahaha! She doesn't like tri tip and deep fried hot dogs.. yes order the pat test STAT!!

Sounds like she takes after Mama!!

FYI some of Luke's fave foods are the food I ate repetetivley when he was in the woomb.

Dani said...

Hey I might eat better than Dave but I LOVE a good piece of meat.

Reading that again it came out dirtier than I meant it. I mean I like chicken and beef.

It's true my craving when I was pregnant was salad so you may have a point.

Amy Baldwin said...

I thought I was weird for craving Fruit last time around.. Salad is much stranger!! Fiona likes SALAD? I havent tried it with Luke yet..

This time around I am ALL chocolate and sweets so Vivian is going to come out asking for Hershey;s Chocolate in her breastmilk.

Dani said...

Well if you put Ranch dressing on it kids will eat most anything lol.