Friday, April 8, 2011

Sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation.-Author Unknown

It was four fif....five someth....too F'n early to be awake and focus on a clock at the same time when I was woken by a beep. At first I thought it might have been part of my dream but it kept recurring.

I went in search of the source of the noise hoping it was Dave's phone dying even though it sounded like a smoke alarm that needed a new battery. See here's the thing, our ceilings are too high to get to the smoke alarms without a ladder. And there's no way to get the ladder in from the garage without making a whole bunch of noise right outside Fiona's room.

It was not Dave's phone. Sigh. It probably was a smoke detector. However it wasn't the one in our room. Aaaaaaaaaand it wasn't the one in the hall. I didn't even remember that there even was one in Fiona's room. It was too early for thinking clearly. I had to give up and go back to bed.

Back to bed but not so much back to sleep. I apparently DID fall back to sleep sometime after six because when Fiona started screaming at six thirty (ish, I was still not focusing on the clock very clearly)it woke me up. The "squeak" in her room from the alarm I hadn't thought of finally woke her up.

The moral of this story is.....Why are you asking me I can't even read a clock properly. I'm gonna go get some coffee.


Amy Baldwin said...

Smoke alarms, LOVE to HATE em, ours do that too and so do my parents. I wake up all night to pee right now and sometimes dont even open my eyes!! The middle of the night SUCKS!

Amellia said...

the title is so fiting to life

Dani said...

I know I hate them. But at least I had the comon sence to buy new batteries for ALL of them so none of the other ones will start beeping at me in the middle of the night.

TK said...

Ok, time for a Mutley story. Mutley would be sound asleep and when the alarm chirped she would jump up every time, like every 60 seconds.