Monday, February 21, 2011

Birds do it, Bees do it-Let's fall in Love by Cole Porter

Before I get going here, I love the way she starts not just a sentence but a conversation with "and"

Fiona: And when I a baby I in your belly.

Me: Yep that's true.

Fiona: And I was a little baby.

Me: Well yeah a lot smaller than you are now.

Fiona: And you swallow me and I in your belly.

Me: Oh, uh no...that's not how you got in there.


Amy Baldwin said...

AHHH HAHAHAHA!!! HUGE laugh!! SO funny what kids say.. I am told by A&P that our children are very similar FYI. I hope they can get together soon but I am no way in hell taking my child on a plane any time soon. I would prefer chinese water tourture..

Dani said...

I hear ya and certainly don't expect you to travel out here any time soon. Although if/when you do have to you may be surprised, except for the trip down to Orlando last June Fiona has been great on every plane trip we've taken.

Amy Baldwin said...

A plane trip for us would have to involve LUNESTA for the Lukesta!