Monday, January 24, 2011

The family - that dear octopus from whose tentacles we never quite escape, nor, in our inmost hearts, ever quite wish to.-Dodie Smith

My Grandparents are moving out of their house and in to an assisted living facility as a result they have a whole house full of stuff they need to get rid of. We adopted their dining table since we didn't have a table of any kind. P&A were nice enough to loan us their Tahoe to move it because well it wasn't fitting in a Saturn Ion. As we were leaving my Grandpa hands me a box and says,"Here you can give this to Fiona." It was a Snuggie...a pink Snuggie. Dave and I did not make eye contact knowing we would giggle if we did.

Note: If you like Snuggies that's cool but you have to admit the commercials are so freaking cheesy they'd make a Rolls Royce look like a tacky piece of cheap crap.

On the way home we had to cross one of the many bridges in the bay area and didn't think about the fact that it was going to charge P&A's Fastrack account until after we went through the toll.

Me: That's okay I'll give em five bucks when I return the Tahoe.

Dave: Or you could just give them the Snuggie.

Me: I should totally do that, wrap it up real nice and give it to them saying, it's just a little something to thank you.

Dave: Or we could just leave it in the truck and when they ask if we left it say no.

Me: (in my best innocent voice) Why on Earth would we leave a pink Snuggie in your car?

Note again: I didn't though 1 'cause Grandpa was just trying to be nice and more importantly 2 P&A read my blog sometimes and then they'd KNOW. Hi guys thanks again for loaning us your car.

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