Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gentlemen prefer blondes... but gentlemen marry brunettes.-Anita Loos*

Those of you who are mothers will already know this but when you're pregnant you don't loose any hair. Now my hair has always been really thick so I didn't really notice the difference when I was pregnant but when Fiona was three or four months old all that extra hair started falling out. Now I'm not sure how it is for other women but like I said my hair is thick so in my case it was coming out in big huge fist fulls of hair. It was alarming at first but after a few days I got used to it. Unfortunately I got so used to it that it didn't occur to me to warn the poor shampoo girl when I went to get my hair cut. She thought she'd done something wrong and freaked out. She was trying to hide her panic so it took me a few minutes to notice. When I figured out what was wrong and explained to her that it was nothing to worry about she started crying in relief. I'm pretty sure there's a lesson here but "if you've got giant gobs of hair falling off your scalp warn anyone who might touch your head" seems unnecessarily specific.

* snicker, what's this quote say about Dave?

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