Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Language forces us to perceive the world as man presents it to us.-Julia Penelope

We don't actually have cable yet (they're coming on Thursday thank goodness) so we have to watch what we can pick up over the air. Sadly four of the ten or so channels we get are in Spanish. We were watching the news on one of the Spanish channels because they were showing live footage of the rescue of the trapped mine workers in Chile and I was doing my best to understand what they were saying using my fabulous I took Spanish in high school and live in California skills.

Me: It says En Vivo which I think means live and um that part says the rescue of the 33. The only word I understood there was Barista so I think they're talking about Starbucks now.


TK said...

I heard the Chileans were really efficient about delivering the latte's down to the miners. The starbucks wagon came to the mine and made the coffee. That is how they stayed down there so long. At least that is what I gathered from watching the spanish language station.

Dani said...

If I was traped in a mine I'd want coffe. Makes perfect sence to me.

I'd also want my ipod and my teddy bear Johana oooh and maybe some chicken wings mmmmmmm.