Thursday, October 14, 2010

When the rabbit has escaped, comes advice.-Proverb

I'm a lousy housekeeper but....there's a method to my madness. As a general rule I know exactly where everything in the house is. Over the ten years that Dave and I have cohabited we've probably had hundreds of conversations that go something like this.

Dave poking around in weird random places

Me: What are you looking for?

Dave: Don't worry about it.

Me: What are you looking for?

Dave: My (sprigle sprocket or whang dang doodle or thingamajig, he's an IT guy so there' lots of gadgety stuff around)

Me: Is that the one with the little do dad that sticks out like this (making expressive and probably humorous hand gestures)and the other part that looks like a shovel?

Dave: Yeah

Me: It's in the back left corner of the top shelf of the linen closet.

The fly in the ointment that was my household omnipotence is Fiona. Kids put things in odd places that I never look. Currently Bunny is missing. She won't sleep without Bunny (which isn't a bunny by the way, it's a carebear in a bunny costume that someone gave her for Easter a couple years ago). I got her to go to sleep last night with the promise that we'd find Bunny today but no such luck. Fiona assures me Bunny is "in the street" but this seems unlikely. I hope we find Bunny before nap time.


Amy Baldwin said...

Ok I lose my keys pretty much every day and I admit, its a problem. But Lem can NEVER find anything!! He will be like "I looked all over" 2 seconds later I am like HERE IT IS!

Roses said...

Maybe she means Sesame Street.
Or...Did Bunny go for a car ride?

I remember leaving my security blanket at some woman's house when I was old enough to walk but barely able to speak.
I screamed and cried that I had left the blanket. I tried and tried to explain that my blanket was on that woman's bathroom floor.
Finally, my aunt figured out that we had to return to that house, and I ran straight to my blanket and the world was right again.

So, if Fiona says Bunny is "in the street", she might really mean it. Just not the way you think she means it.

Good luck!
2-year-old Roses

TK said...

Did she have that yesterday when I was there?? It might be in the guest room or in the shopping cart. Hope you can find bunny!! the live one also.

Dani said...

Update: Bunny has been found! I repeat Bunny has been found. She was with the chilean miners. J/K she was under a plastic pumpkin along with an old cup of juice YUM!

Dani said...

P.S. Roses I wondered exactly the same thing and checked both our cars right away. I even checked the back yard incase that was what she meant. Luckily Bunny has been found and is....darn it where is that thing again.

Amy Baldwin said...

YAY Bunny FOUND! I know you are RELIEVED!!