Friday, October 8, 2010

I'd find it demeaning to be cleaning toilets.-Jack Kevorkian

Since for the time being I'm a stay at home mom (cross that one off the life list) and our new house is a rental I've been making a valiant effort at house keeping.

I was vacuuming in our room and I thought Fiona was in the living room watching the Wiggles (shudder) but when I checked she wasn't there. I called for her and heard her answer from the bathroom. I went in thinking she needed help with the potty only to find her holding the toilet brush and scrubbing the toilet. Other than the fact she splashed toilet watter everywhere she wasn't doing a half bad job.

She loves to clean, I swear that kid has to be a changeling. The only thing that confuses me is why she looks so much like Dave if she's not ours. Maybe I'm not her real mother. Clever of Dave to have his mistress and I have his babies at the same time in the same hospital. I wonder if our real baby was as colicky as Fiona was.


Roses said...

You're so funny.

Lucy said...

Nic eblog :)
Saying hello from Chatham, Ontario

LucyLar said...

This is so cute. As an empty-nester with no grandchildren on the horizon, I have serious toddler envy; and no such household help!! Sounds like you moved in quickly. Moving is the pits. Enjoy your unemployment! For a little while at least. Fiona will be in tenth grade next year (or so it will seem, believe me)- this is time well spent.

Dani said...

Thanks. I have to say I am enjoying my time at home with her.

Amy Baldwin said...

hahaha This is HILARIOUS!!

I think kids go thru a cleaning supplies are interesting phase. For his birthday when Jack was 3 I got him basically a Janitor kit, that's what he asked for and he freakin' LOVED it... He is over it now I assure you! Get all the free labor you can while the gettin is good!

SO great that you get to be at home with Fiona! YAY