Thursday, October 7, 2010

Half the world does not know the joys of wearing cotton underwear.-Phil Gramm

While moving I was doing lots of bending an lifting as a result I noticed my underwear was peaking out of the back of my pants so I was tucking them back in.

Fiona: Get your hands out of your diaper!

Me: You're right honey.

Fiona: I sorry Mama not diaper, panties.

Me: (Laughing) you're right again sweetie.

Dave walked in to the room

Fiona: Knock knock Daddy

Dave: Who's there?

Fiona: Mama's panties ha ha ha ha ha.


Amy Baldwin said...

OMG she has SUCH a personality!! she is a comedian already!

Roses said...

Time to teach that girl the "I see London, I see France" ditty.