Monday, February 8, 2010

Gambits Perspective

Dec 2000: Sweet I get a new house with a big yard and a puppy friend to play with....oh and there are people here to feed me, awesome.

2001: I don't know about the lady. I like the man who lets me on the bed better. The lady says she's going to get a cat and then I'll be jealous but I doubt it. I just don't like her much.

2002: She got a cat! How could she get a cat? She's MY human, I LOVE HER! Maybe if I ignore the cat it'll go away.

2003: Cat's still here. WTF?

2004: I continue to deny the cats existence but no effect.

2005: The lady and the man who let me on the bed are planing a party. The lady bought a white dress. Why white? I'm just going to get it dirty. Stupid cat's still here but I don't let on.

2006: The people are acting kinda strange, are they thinking of getting another pet? I better lay between them every night to prevent them getting in any trouble.

Hmmm flaw in my plan they just keep kicking me off the bed.

The cat remains despite my displeasure.

2007: Oh no! The lady is getting all big. I know what this means, she's having puppies!

Okay that's just weird. It's not a puppy. It's a little pink squishy thing. Maybe if I ignore it it will go away.

The cat continues to take up room in my home.

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Amy Baldwin said...

AHHHH this is hysterical. I think Gambit is worse than Cash!!