Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Diorder Of Some Type Or Other

This will sound odd since I've admitted repeatedly to being a slob but I'm very particular about certain things.

I know where everything in the house is and I get really upset if something is moved. The fact that you needed to use the item in question is not a valid excuse.

All clothes need to be hung facing left. I thought this was something I learned from my Mom who is left handed but when I mentioned it to her she gave me that "you should really go back on medication" look so I guess not. This one is so upsetting to me that if I find something hung wrong I have to "fix it". And this is part of why I do all the laundry.

If I have cash all the bills have to be faced and in order by denomination. I had to let that one go a little when I worked at a bank. There was just to many bills Arrrrrggggg.

There are more. For example I don't think Dave loads the dishwasher the right way (also the washer, this being the other reason I do the laundry) but I figure I should shut up since he's loading the dishwasher at all. Also there's a chance I might have issues, just a small one.

These behaviors used to worry me a little since I know they're not entirely...(what's the word I want? Oh yeah sane)...healthy but I've noticed a lot of people have these types of quirks.

Come on confess, what do you have to do/have done a certain way? You know there's something.


leeann said...

My closet has everything hanging facing right, and I'm left-handed. My husband has the money-organizing thing, which drives me insane as he'll stand IN THE WAY at a sales counter after getting his change just to get it orderly.

Andrea K. said...

I thought you might make a jab at me in this post. I have so many of these disorders I might need to be commited! I too need to face clothes to the left, shoes need to be on a rack, no dishes in the sink, tp faces up not down and yes I will move it. My husband too organizes his money after receiving his change. We both are a couple of nuts!

Dani said...

lol Andrea you should know better than that. If I was going to make fun of you I'd do it to your face, probably over a glass of wine.

Also I agree with the TP. I'm not so far gone as to change it in other peoples houses but in my house I will.

Roses said...

You *have* to know where everything in the house is because eventually everyone in the family will come to you at some time and ask, "Where is the...(fill in the blank)?" And you will know. So, you're good on that one.

Clothes *have* to hung all facing the same direction because some hangers are bent for shoulders that way. You're good on that one.

Bills are not only supposed to face the same direction, they should also be right-side up. (I ran the register in a supermarket for 4 years.) If this is a disorder, then I have it, too. I'm gonna call you good on this one.

I believe there is a right way and a wrong way to stack a dishwasher, however, since The Husband won't let me have one, I'll never know. I am SO not good on this one.

What was the question?

Roses said...

BTW, not only do my clothes hang the same direction, they are sorted by type. Shirts/blouses on the right, slacks on the right. Most recently worn clothing gets put away in the middle, so whatever is hanging on the very left or very right is next up in rotation (if they are coordinated, of course... I'm not insane.)