Thursday, April 9, 2009

My First Job

I was riding the school bus home chatting with my friend who also lived next door to me when I casually mentioned that I wanted to get a job. Now since I was twelve what I really meant was "I want to get some money" since no one was going to hire a twelve year old and I had no clue how to apply for a job any way. Fate however was smiling at me (I didn't realise until later that fate was also laughing and pointing at me but that's life) and a girl I didn't really know who was sitting in the next seat heard me and said she worked at a kennel and they needed another worker.

A couple days latter I went with my new friend to meet her boss. The interview went something like this.

Boss: Have you ever worked with dogs before.

Me: Well we have a dog. I feed her sometimes.

Boss: Your hired.

So began my employment history. I fed the dogs, cleaned the runs (yep dog poo), and washed their bowls from the last meal. And I got paid really well considering, about $100 a week. I bought a stereo (the one with the dubbing deck and the record player that I still have) and a leather jacket. I worked there for two years.

Here are a few things I took away from that experience.

A friend. The girl who got me the job is still my friend (Uh 22 years later) although I don't talk to her often.

I don't like Pomeranians. They are mean little rat dogs. If you have one yours may be great but the one's I've known were not nice.

I do like Corgi's. So I could totally sit down with the Queen of England and have something to chat about.

When you remove the kennel from you resume because no one is impressed with how responsible you were at twelve you're a grown up.


TK said...

That is a cool story. You never know where life will take you that is for sure.

Roses said...

Nice post.
Very sweet.

I got my first job because I was nice to a wino.

Beast said...

I hate poms. One, ironically named Honey, nearly bit my finger off. Hated the little things ever since. Haven't met one I like yet.

Did I mention I hate the things?