Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cookie Nazis

As I said in my very first post ever, "Sesame Street was way cooler when I was a kid.". Now they've gone to far. Cookie Monster will be preaching about healthy eating and singing a song about how cookies are only ok some of the time.

I don't mind if they want to teach healthy eating habits. That's a good thing but couldn't they have used a different spokes monster? Use Elmo he's already lame.

Come on people yeah it's supposed to be educational but can't some things just be fun? What's next Oscar the Neat Freak? I had another joke at Bert & Ernie's expense but then I'd be no better than the people I'm complaining about.

It's funny how much this pisses me off (I was going to say irritates me but that's not accurate). It's like they traveled back in time to my child hood and walked up to my four year old self and punched me in the gut.

Not letting Cookie Monster preach the gospel of cookies is censorship. It's cookie discrimination. It's super duper lame.

Here is the link to the article that got me started but I bet you can find others if your interested.

And here is the way I will always remember Cookie Monster.

I like to watch Sesame Street on the Spanish channels. I don't understand what they're saying so it doesn't make me mad, Plaza Sesemo is fun to say, and Big Bird has a cool punk rock hairdo.


Roses said...

There was a Calvin and Hobbs cartoon where Calvin wants to snitch some cookie dough until his mother gives him a speech about raw eggs and salmonella.
Calvin walks away muttering something about another childhood memory being shot to heck.

I smell what you're cooking, sister.

Colleen said...

I was aghast when I read one of Bobby's first Sesame Street books and Cookie Monster was holding a plate of FRUIT. IS NOTHING SACRED?

Dani said...

Ya know my Mom took me to see Cookie Monster at the mall as a kid (not sure why he was there but...)and we took him some home made Chocolate Chip cookies and now it's like those cookies were a LIE! ::sob::

I LOVE that the other Moms back me on this. I mean geeze let the kids have some fun!

Schelle said...

yay comments a week behind, but here it goes.

They are killing our society with this crap. First they take away Bugs Bunny cartoons as too violent and now they are taking away cookies.

Violent cartoons were one of the first things I remember useing to realize that everything you see on TV is NOT real. I remember talking to my dad about how cartoons looked different then real life, but it took me a bit to figure out exactly how.

Cookie Monster is a Monster...our rules don't apply and I'll never make it into the monster catagory so I know not to eat nothing but cookies. We get enough reality with our news and from our parents don't take it away from our entertainment.

thats it, i'm going to become a vampire since that's on TV and TV is such a reflection of life...

Dani said...

Well I am pro vampire but....