Monday, February 16, 2009

Open Letter to the POS Beating His Dog on the Side of the Road on Saturday

Disclaimer: Um this is a very angry post and I don't mince words. I'm an animal lover and a person who believes people who pick on the weak are pretty much the lowest life form on the planet. So if you don't want to hear me swear a blue streak and wish serious injury on someone you might want to skip this post.

Dear fetid piece of crap,

You were in a white Ford pick up with three dogs in the back who were not leashed barreling down the freeway. For whatever reason you found it necessary to pull over climb in the back and start beating one of the dogs with your fists. I hope you broke a knuckle you waste of human existence. It's extra classy that you were doing this not only in public but in front of your kid. I'm sure he's going to grow up to be a worthwhile member of society.

I hope the next time you choose to exhibit this sort of brutal behavior the guy that sees you is not with his wife and child and therefore chooses to pull over and beat the ever loving shit out of you. You clearly being a coward I imagine it would be a short fight.

Actually let me revise that. I hope the next time you do this the person who sees you is so surprised that they hit you with their car. Nope I don't wish you dead just injured to the point that you have to depend on what ever poor woman was foolish enough to breed with you for care. I'm assuming that the type of person who would behave as you do isn't exactly husband of the year. I hope your child is taken away from you therefore giving him a chance to not grow up to be like you.


The lady in red in the car you flipped off and swore at for honking at you for being a brutal asshole.

P.S. I got you licence number. Would anyone like it?


Colleen said...

Unbelievable! People like that are lower than the lowest--a true waste of human existence.

Amy Baldwin said...

I want to kill that guy. A guy who hits a dog is not a man. Its like abusing a kid in my book.

TK said...

Hi, if he is beating his dog he is probably beating his child. If you have his license and feel comfortable doing it you could report him to the county animal office. Thanks for flipping him off.