Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Weekend in Photos

The flowers Dave got me. I actually had them on the side of the mantel but I moved them to take this picture because photos of some of the in laws would have shown and I wasn't sure they'd be happy about being posted on the web.
Blondie bear the least evil and therefore my favorite of the bunnies. If you look carefully behind him you can kinda see Smokey too but he's grey so he blends in.
I finally found a permanent home for the blown glass ornaments my cousin makes. There are actually two new additions from Christmas this year and I'll keep adding them as long as he keeps making them.

I just thought this was a nice photo of Gambit. He almost never gets to relax because as soon as he lays down Fiona makes a b-line for him and he wants none of that so he's constantly relocating. I was happy to see him resting.

This one is blurry but captures her in action making what I think of as her Gollum face.


TK said...

She is SOOOO cute (Fiona of course). I love those glass ornaments. That is amazing. Does your cousin have a website??

Dani said...

Sadlly no. I guess making these is really hard on his lungs so he just does it as a hoby and gives everyone in the family a new ornament each year. I wish he did 'cause I'd buy the heck out of em and give them as gifts too.

Amy Baldwin said...

I have not seen Gambit in soooo long. He looks older and as sweet as ever! Fiona is such a cutey pie!