Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Classy Behavior

The Novato school district (where I went to Jr. High & High school) has a police officer assigned as a liaison with the school children. His job was to come around and give us speeches about how cool it was to behave. He spent time with the older kids to pretend he wanted to be your buddy and made an effort to know the names of the kids who tended to get in trouble. Generally we thought he was a dork (actually the word I want to use is douche bag but I'm refraining. Oh wait.) and the buddy buddy thing gave him a creptastic pedophile vibe.

Now I was never one of the bad kids and though I found him annoying I gave him the benefit of the doubt and figured he was just Ned Flanders in a uniform until one day I was sick and I was waiting out in front of the school for my Mom to come pick me up. He drove up parked in the handicapped spot and walked past me in to the office. Yeah way to set an example there officer.

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