Thursday, February 19, 2009

We Have Lift Off

Last night we were picking Fiona up from my parents house. After we both spent a couple minutes cuddling her Dave set her back down in the middle of some toys and she remained standing after he let go. It looked for a second like she was going to fall down but she moved one foot to a more supportive stance.

Wait did you hear what I just said? That was a first step. We were very excited so we kept trying to encourage her to take more but she wasn't interested.

Eventually she was standing up holding on to my Mom's pants with one hand and reaching for me with the other. I scooted back to just outside her reach and encouraged, "Let go of Grandma and come to Mama." she laughed at me and did let go of Grandma only to grab the speaker next to her which put me within reach again. "Clever girl but I can move too." I scooted back another few inches. She grabbed a cardboard box leaning against the speaker. I scooted again and we came to a pivotal moment the box couldn't support her and there wasn't anything else to grab that would bring her closer to me. She let go of the box stood still for a couple seconds and then took 2-3 steps to me (I'm not sure if she grabbed my hand before the third step or after). Everyone erupted in cheers and clapping except me. I was too busy giving her hugs and kisses and exclaiming how proud I was. She was very please with herself and when the clamor died down she looked around, shouted "Yay!", and clapped her hands.

I was worried in a nebulous sort of way that she'd take her first steps when we weren't there. I was so happy we got to see this milestone.


Colleen said...

That's Fantastic!!! She'll be off and running now! Yay for Fiona!

TK said...

Cute little Fiona walking. Once she gets the hang of it she will be exploring a whole new world!! Thanks for the news.