Monday, July 21, 2008

Open Letter to The Person Who Implied I Shouldn't Have a Baby If I Can't Stay Home

While I was pregnant I spent quite a bit of time on Babycenter. On occasion when someone posted a question and I thought I had a useful answer I'd post it. One lady asked when she should return to work after her child was born. I posted a response that she should consult her Dr. and her HR department when making that decision. By accident today I found that someone had apparently taken exception to my response stating that I (by name) was being a bad mother because I was not considering the baby and if I could not stay home I shouldn't have gotten pregnant. To that I say, " Bitch, thems fightin' words"

As she posted anonymously (coward) I can't respond to her personally so I'm responding here.

Dear Anonymous,

I'm sorry you took exception to my advise. It was not my intention to suggest the questioner not consider her child. In fact I was assuming she already knew what her own inclination was and didn't need me to tell her. My intention was to suggest that in order to make the most informed decision she make sure she has the most complete information regarding her rights and what will be covered.

As for your personal attack on me. You don't know me. Do you honestly think that after reading 3 sentences you have enough information to pass judgement on anyone? I do not need to defend my decision to you.

If only women who were in a position to stay home after having their children were having babies we as a species would be in danger. The majority of mothers out there work, whether this is because they need to or because they want to it does not make them bad mothers who do not love and value their children.

I am a damn good mother. I spend every moment I can with my daughter. I ensure she has everything she needs to be happy and thrive even if this means going without things for myself. She is beautiful, smart, and healthy in my opinion the perfect baby.

In conclusion I rejoice that very few people these days are as narrow minded, and old fashioned, as you appear to be. However as I only had a few sentences from which to judge I will hope that you are in actuality not as hate filled as you seem.


P.S. If you ever attack my parenting skills again the gloves are coming off.

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Chat Blanc (aka Sandy) said...

I think it's really crappy that anonymous was so up in your business about not staying at home. My mom worked outside the home and if I had kids I would work too. Plus, in this day and so few people can afford NOT to work. I'm glad you were able to express yourself in response! :)