Sunday, November 8, 2015

My heart has joined the thousand for my friend stopped running today-Wattership Down

Shortly after we adopted Vladi I realised we'd made a mistake. We had 3 pets of roughly the same life expectancy. Someday they  were going to fall like dominoes.

The last dominoe fell yesterday. Our first and last furry baby joined Gambit and Vladi in pet heaven.

Sammy had many obnoxious qualities. She was pushy, she shed like a wholly mammoth with alopecia, she pushed her food out of the bowl and spread it around.

But I've always said if you looked up love in the dictionary you'd see a picture of Sammy. 

She was a good girl. 

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Roses said...

I haz such a sad.
So many hugs to you, Dani.