Wednesday, November 9, 2011

And so with all things: names were vital and important.-Algernon Blackwood

On the way home from Fiona's dance class I had to find an alternate route to the freeway due to police cars blocking the whole street (not sure what the deal was, probably don't want to know). Guess what I found?

Danica way.


My path to world domination has begun!

That's how it works right? You get all famous and they name a street after you. So clearly this street was a reference to me right?


Well fine if you want to be all logical about it.

Still made my day.


TK said...

WHAT, she is taking Dance! I know she loves that. Danica way is cool.

Dani said...

Yes she's my little ballerina. She's only had 3 classes so far but she's loving it.

Roses said...

Now you can tell people, "It's the Danica Way or the highway!"