Monday, March 14, 2011

When red headed people are above a certain social grade their hair is auburn.-Mark Twain

The problem with bangs, at least the straight across kind I have at the moment...

Side story: Does any one else think it's weird that when I went to my parents house a couple weeks ago to go through more random stuff from my grandparents house (Hello packages of instant flan that expired in the late 1980's) neither of my parents noticed I suddenly have bangs? My Mom noticed my hair is currently red (well strawberry) which I've been in the habit of doing every year or so since I was seventeen but not that I have straight across actual bangs for the first time in just shy of twenty five years. Not even when we were discussing hair styles as I was cutting her hair because she didn't want to pay $12 to get it trimmed.

The problem with bangs is it's really hard to put on moisturizer or the really spiffy anti wrinkle serum I use without getting it in my hair.


Becky said...

Love the quote!

Leeann said...

I've had bangs all my adult life, due to a typically "sensitive" comment by my sister that you could land a plane on my forehead if I were reclined.
My problem is they get all stuck-down and sweaty here in HumidLand (and I must than Lavahead problems as well) so I dust the landing strip with baby powder on days I have to venture out.
Makes me smell good, too.
I also change my hair color frequently and H has never noticed until I point it out.

Dani said...

Leeann-Man I hadn't thought of that. We have nothing on swampland (got family in AL so I know)but Sac gets crazy humid for CA in the summer. Well if they irritate me this summer I'll grow them out.

Dave's usually good about noticing if I change my hair but I do remember one time I cut off about 18" of hair and went from blonde to copper and my boyfriend at the time said he couldn't tell the difference even after I pointed it out. My theory his eyes never made it north of my chest.