Monday, December 13, 2010

Home is where one starts from.-T.S. Eliot

Well my grand experiment worked (except for the picture posting sideways which I don't know how to fix). 'Cept it was so crowded that I lost my wifi every afternoon so I only go that one post up. I'm going to start working on our pictures but in the mean time here are a few I took with my phone and one or two funny things I thought.

As plenty of you guessed we were in Disneyland. Can you think of a better 3rd birthday present? None of us had ever done Disney at Christmas before. Let me tell you if you get the chance it is really amazing. Here is Fiona on our first night there (after a long day in the car during which both she and Cousin we're perfectly behaved) being snowed on in Fantasy land in front of It's a Small World.
This was much cooler looking at night all light up but my camera phone was not capable of capturing that, it just came out as a bright blur. But see the big clock was wearing a Santa hat how cute.
AK and I also went on the Haunted Mansion ride which was all decorated in Nightmare Before Christmas fashion which we thought was cool.

Fiona's favorite Disney movie (so far) has been Dumbo so it was my mission this trip to get her a stuffed Dumbo as an early birthday present. She loved it and when she fell asleep a little while latter had a death grip on that thing. The next day Dave won her a different Dumbo at one of the midway games at Disney's California Adventure. AK also won one so Cousin got a Dumbo too.
These are the worlds ugliest pants. They were shiny appeared to be satin and were beige and pink paisley. Yep I was that person taking surreptitious pictures of a stranger to mock latter. The pants were THAT ugly.
The whole time we were there we were having a good natured argument over whether Disney Land or Disney World was better. AK and I contend that DL is superior (though DW is nice too). Dave and P argued that DW was less crowded and therefore better. I think they are just plain wrong on that one and this is my blog so I will say so. Fiona and Cousin both being CA natives like AK and I are being counted as coming down on the DL side (AK and I wielding their proxy votes as they are minors). Although on the drive home last night I thought of the #1 reason DL beats DW (for the guys any way) neither of them has ever thrown up in DL but both have not once but twice in DW (once food poisoning and once stomach flu).

And since we are on the subject of rather yucky bodily ailments. You know that Seinfeld episode where they go the India and George doesn't "go the the bathroom" the whole time? Sadly that is my body's natural reaction to travel a lot of the time. I'm very happy to be home.

Did ya miss me and all my bathroom TMI? If you said yes you're in luck because I thought of another bathroom related post while I was there. Oh the anticipation!


LeeAnn said...

I went to Disney World before Disneyland, and I have to say I liked DW best. Marginally, true, but still. However, we did get to go to DL during Christmas when they had a Free To Military Family night. It was awesome. Somewhere there's a picture of me with Goofy.
No, not my husband, the other one.

Dani said...

I think which park you went to first does have a lot to do with it. Though they are similar they aren't quite the same and if you loved a thing anything different is a sour note.

Though I also enjoy DW it doesn't have the nostalgia factor for me.

Amy Baldwin said...

You know I went to DL a long time ago I was 22 or something and I prefer DW although you have a point about the throwing up!

So its weird when you refer to "AK" in your blog, that used to be me, now I am "AB" which working for MillerCoors is weird because thats what we call our evil competitor.

Anyway looks like you all had fun, I can't wait for our trip to DW in FEB!!! YAY!!

Fiona looks like she had a BLAST!

adrielleroyale said...

You are too funny :) Great pictures and post! Fiona looks just like a kid should on a awesome Bday like that. Adorable!

I haven't been to Disneyland, only to DW which I was not all that impressed with and which WAS super crowded even though we went on the supposedly "slow" day. Then again, Florida in general has yet to thrill me, even with their warm weather (a nice thought for a Minnesotan). I would like to someday to to DL, but it won't be anytime in the near future as I'm reserving all vacation places (if I am lucky enough to go) for the warm and very tropical til I get my fill... :)

Dani said...

Adriekkeroyale-Orlando's kinda an armpit. I was firmly anti florida after my first visit but it turns out some of the other parts are actually nice, though of corse you're allowed to have your own opinion.

I fully approve and suport warm tropical vacations. As a general rule that's my favorite kind. Also it's a bonus if there are fruity drinks with little umbrellas.