Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Comedy is tragedy that happens to other people.-Angela Carter

On Friday we experienced a tragedy of epic proportions (that's me being dramatic don't worry I'm not about to lay something really bad on you). I noticed in the AM that the tree was leaning a little bit. I guess this is why it usually takes two people to set up a tree. I figured I'd get Dave to help me fix it when he got home.

Fiona and I went to the store. While we were there I grabbed some Pillsbury cookie dough telling Fiona, "We need to make cookies for Santa. If you don't leave him any cookies he won't leave you any presents. That's the deal."

We arrived home to discover the tree had fallen over. Fiona said, "Oh no the tree for Santa! Santa not gonna bring me presents." That last bit said in a tiny sad voice that would break any ones heart and devastated me being the person who put that wrong idea in to her head. Yeah minus a million Mom points for me there. I promised her we'd fix it and that Santa wasn't going to punish her.

When Dave got home he helped me set it back up. Luckily I hadn't put very many breakable ornaments on and even then most of them survived. The only one that really made me sad was a one legged (she'd been dropped before) glass ballerina that my Gramps and Milly gave me when I was a little girl and taking ballet. Gramps and Milly are both gone so it's a bit sad. But that's the nature of Christmas ornaments you can't get too attached since they will break eventually.

The thing that made me really panic was the gifts got wet from the stand spilling. The majority hadn't gotten wet but I did need to re wrap a few. Luckily the only one that got really soaked was....wait for this....a shower curtain (What? It's got Mickey Mouse on it. It's a great gift!)


Amy Baldwin said...

AWWW Fiona is SOOOO sweet, she thought Santa would not come!! Your such a good Mom for fixing the tree and saving Christmas!!

david_hatton said...

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Roses said...

The shower certain.