Tuesday, July 20, 2010

All television is children's television.-Richard P. Adler

Also we had to walk 25 miles to school in the snow uphill both ways.

Fiona: (as a commercial came on) Want Phineas and Ferb Mama. Want Phineas and Ferb.

Me: (Fast forwarding because we're watching the DVR) I hope you know how spoiled you are. When we were kids we had to watch what was on and there were only like ten channels and the commercials were unavoidable.

Unrelated sort of: So Fiona has been sick AGAIN! I mean really sick not sleeping, not eating, not drinking enough fluids, high fever since LAST WEDNESDAY! I called two different advice nurses on Friday they said it wasn't anything to worry about but we should check in with her Dr. on Monday. Well over the weekend she got worse. She was miserable and so were we. Dave took her to the Dr. yesterday turns out she has ear infections in both ears. I'd like to give a big ol' F**k you to the advice nurses who said I didn't need to worry. Luckily the antibiotics have made an immediate improvement she was happy and playing last night, eating dinner,and only woke up once because she needed Tylenol for her fever. We all got a solid nights rest and feel about a million times better. Any way my point is usually I pre write my posts over the weekend but last weekend I was worried and sleep deprived so I didn't really wright much so posting will be light this week.


Amy Baldwin said...

This makes me so angry!! I am sorry you had to go thru that. A friend of mine got scolded by doc in the ER because she took her 1yr old up there with a fever and they said its normal. Let me tell you it will be a COLD DAY IN HELL when someone in the medical field scolds me for taking my kid in I PAY FOR HEALTH INSUARANCE and I will use it!

TK said...

Little Amy was snoring like a logger when she was three weeks old. I knew something was wrong. The Dr. looked at me like I was stupid, well, she had an EAR infection. Mother's know their children better than some one over the phone. So sorry she is sick!! Glad she is on the mend.

Roses said...

Just so you know...
... this is a totally acceptable occasion to swear.


Dani said...

Thanks everyone. She's doing much better.

Roses-So funny you say that. I actualy thought of you as I was typing that part.

Roses said...

Oh, no.
I'm in your head!


Schelle said...

Most call lines around here always end the calls with "but if you think she should go in to the hospital, then do it" have to cover their butts from lawsuits. If my kids run fevers any more I tend to just take them in. especially after the first day. The one I hate is strep throat. I always forget which symptoms to worry about.