Friday, March 5, 2010

A nickname is the hardest stone that the devil can throw at a man.-Author unknown, quoted by William Hazlitt

Names I have been known by

Princess-This is what my parents called me when I was a baby. It is also what they later named our dog.

Kelly-This used to be my name. I didn't like it. I changed it. My oldest friend still calls me this sometimes, which I wish she wouldn't but what ya gonna do?

Elly-Short lived attempt at a nickname in elementary school

Danica/Dani-Name I decided I wanted to be called at 13. I eventually had it legally changed at 29.

Joe-My friend Christie started calling me Joe when we were 15 (ish). I don't think I ever knew why. She still calls me Joe. I call her Nugget which is short for Buttnugget and started around the same time.

Daniella-I had a co worker who couldn't grasp this wasn't my name. I went with it.

Denise-Name customers used to call me when I would answer the phone, "Hello this is______Dani speaking". Apparently those last two words ran together. I didn't correct them. #1 because I didn't care and #2 if I pissed them off they'd be complaining about someone who didn't exist.

Mama-What Fiona used to call me

Mommy-What she calls me now

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