Monday, March 15, 2010

As for butter versus margarine, I trust cows more than chemists. -Joan Gussow

Dear person with "don't touch" on your food in the work refrigerator,

I can sympathise with your frustration. After all someone once stole my yogurt (again who does that?). However demanding I "don't touch" your food and then putting it at the very front of the shelf blocking my things doesn't work for me. I touched your food. There I said it. I moved it to the right so I could get my butter (yes I keep butter at work, don't you?) then I moved it to the left so that is remains in approximately the same place. I'm sorry if my actions have contaminated/sexually harassed/traumatized your food.


The lady who keeps butter at work


Roses said...

My friend's dad liked to tell the story about how he was in the Marines and people stole food off his plate whenever he'd go get a beverage.
One day he put a sign on his tray that read, "I spit on this," so no one would want to eat it. And he got up to get a milk.
By the time he came back, someone had added to the sign, "So did I."


Amy Baldwin said...

Who steals food at work? I mean really?? I cant imagine doing that!
As for the butter margerine debate, hands down BUTTER IS BETTER.. cant fault someone for carrying a tub of it everywhere, its damn good LOL!