Monday, November 2, 2009

Belated Halloween Post

I had some difficulty uploading these photos but better late than never.
"and your little dog too"

The tiny tiger cub is my newest niece (7 weeks? old). I asked special permission to post this one because this much cuteness could be dangerous.

Like mother like daughter. Here we see the Dani in her natural habitat. I'm very amused by the fact that the contracts we sent out dated 10/30 were all written by a witch or Abby from NCIS (my coworkers costume & she was so cute).

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TK said...

AHH, the pinchy shoes. You make a lovely witch and Fiona of course is the cutest witch ever. SOOOO cute, a blondie witch. I was on the way to visit Dad at the Hospital on Halloween. At the phamarcy I saw two space men. Hilarious.