Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Happy Joy Joy

A couple weeks ago my pregnant sister in law (AB, different from AK who just had a baby about 5 weeks ago {note to self, should really ask if they mind if I use their first names}) thanked me for not being all negative and telling her how bad being a parent can be. I was shocked, I thought I HAD been being negative. I guess maybe her friends are better at getting that point across...or their kids were even harder shudder.

Tuesday night Dave's older sister (T) brought her two kids over for a last visit with Fiona since we were leaving the next morning. Our nephew is testing his boundaries so he was getting a time out and he was crying. Our niece didn't want to use the potty so she was crying. Fiona was crying because everybody else was crying and in walked AB and her husband (L). The look on AB's face was priceless. I just stood there and grinned evilly.

Note: My niece and nephew are great kids and generally very well behaved it was just one of those moments. I look forward to my next nephew arriving in January.


TK said...

On the niece and nephew meltdown, their mother T mentioned she realized later that she had forgotten to feed them DINNER!! That little tibit just added to the chaos and could have been a major trigger.

Dani said...

Well yeah that could be a problem. They're good kids though. It was really AK's reaction that I found so amusing.