Monday, August 31, 2009

I Am NOT The Poop Fairy

Dear Public Restroom Non Flushers,

Why? Why don't you flush?

Did you get so distracted between doing your business and leaving the stall that you forgot? I know all that tedious pants pulling up can be time consuming. Yes I understand that a lot of public toilets do flush on their own these days but not all of them. You do realise they invented those because of you right?

Is it a germ thing? If so you need to find an alternative to leaving you excretions for the next person to find. How about just flushing and then WASHING YOUR HANDS (and if you're one of those people who doesn't wash your hands we're going to have another conversation in a minute). Or if you're not comfortable flushing with your hand try that kicking the flush with your foot thing. Or even bring a paper towel with you so you don't have to touch anything. And by the way if your worried about germs try looking up how filthy your desk and keyboard are. Here's a link.

Whatever your reason it's gross and inconsiderate of the other people who also need to use the facilities. Please stop.

Thank you,

Not The Poop Fairy


Roses said...

The ladies' toilet at work does not flush "thoroughly". I've posted note after note inside the stall door (right where they can see it when they sit) begging my co-workers to flush more than once, but it doesn't do any good.

I don't know what else to do.

Dani said...

Ewww that's also a problem. I could be wrong but I'm betting you're not the poop fairy either.