Monday, October 5, 2009

I Get It Now

I sometimes complain about being a mom. I also tell all my friends and family all the horror stories I have. Mostly I feel this is a public service because no one warned me about the unpleasant parts. I mean I knew there would be poop, and sleep deprivation, and tantrums but I didn't realize how much there would be. Actually no I think my poop estimate was pretty accurate but I had the mistaken idea that she'd start sleeping all night after a few months and colic....yeah colic sucks so much I can't think of a metaphor harsh enough.

I know all the other moms out there are laughing at me right now but I bet you can sympathise too. No matter how prepared you think you are, actually raising a child is totally different in practice than it is in theory. Of coarse we got the hang of it pretty quick and it really isn't that bad even at the worst times and it just keeps getting better and better.

Conversation with Fiona:

Fiona: Mama Mama (meaning look at me)

Me: Yes honey

Fiona: (Gets down on all fours and starts hopping) Ribbit ribbit

Me: Are you a froggy?

Fiona: Yeah froggy

Me: (Gets down on the floor with her) You know what? You are my all time favorite froggy and that's saying something (I've got a frog collection including a tattoo)

And then she gave me a kiss.

Yeah there are moments that are hard and I'm not going to try to sugar coat them but over all being a mom is the most fun I ever had.


Colleen said...

moments like that make you almost forget the sleepless nights, huh? priceless.

Amy Baldwin said...

I know we have had this conversation but from a women who is 6 months pregnant I really appreciate this entry! And I dont think you can truely prepare for it.. I think your just so excited when your pregnant nothing can bring you to reality until you have that itty bitty poppy baby!! LOL!

Amy Baldwin said...

oh yeah one more thing to make you laugh..
2 of my friends baby boys pee'd in their mouths while they were leaning over them changing their diaper..
Apparently when you have a boy they pee all over the walls and everything LOL!!

Dani said...

Colleen- Yep this is the stuff that makes me want another one.

Amy- You are 100% correct I was completely giddy for 9 months. I've heard that about boys, I gues you'll find out soon if yours does the same.

Roses said...

It might look like I'm trying not to laugh, but really, I've got my hand over my mouth so's I don't tell you the horrors yet to come.

Dani said...

Roses- I'm terrified about puberty. I have to get throught the terrible two's first though sigh.