Monday, August 31, 2009

Did You Know My Maiden Name Was MacGuiver?

Okay no it was really Mc something else but....

Fiona's night light burned out and we're out of replacement bulbs. I discovered this as Dave was getting her ready for bed. Last time this happened we thought "no biggie we don't really need it to see if we go in there at night". Yeah clearly we forgot the general point of a night light which is to comfort the kid. The result was she woke up repeatedly and screamed bloody murder, actually I think we may have given up and brought her to our room.

So I went on a mission to find a suitable substitute for one night. I searched the house and found a tiny electric camping lantern. SWEET! Hmmmm it doesn't turn on but although we're out of light bulbs we've got batteries coming out our ears. I change the batteries but it turns out that bulb is burned out too. Are there any bulbs left in the universe that are not burned out aaaargh!

Then I have a stroke of genius. I took a flashlight (thankfully both batteries and bulb are in proper working order) and set it up behind a basket on her dresser. Viola night light!

I'm going to buy a gross of night light bulbs!

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