Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Victory is Mine!!!!!

Conversation last night as Dave was getting Fiona out of the bath.

Dave: Okay it's time to get out now then you know who we're gonna see.

Fiona: Mama

Dave: Yes good girl! That's right. Can you say it again?

Fiona: Mama

Dave brings her out to the living room wrapped in a towel

Dave: What do you say?

Fiona: Mama

Me: Oh thank you baby girl!

Dave: Say ni night mama

Fiona: (looking confused) Mama

Me: That's alright I'll take Mama over ni night any time

As they walk down the hall she looks at me over his shoulder

Fiona: Ni night!


Roses said...

Whoo hoo!

You da ma'am!

TK said...

OOOH, so happy. Cannot wait to see her when I come out in August. She is such a happy baby.